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Your home is your sanctuary, your private domain and your public image. From dining room experiences to bathroom escapes, from funky modern technology filled living rooms to sumptuous luxury with leather stitching, and from the private boudoir extravagances to the escape of your garden or conservatory, there are so many options, so many choices and so many decisions. Let us help you, and inspire you a little, with our handy tips, advice and recommendations on choosing furniture, furnishings, decorations and even appliances – everything including the kitchen sink!


Home of the rubber duck and the potions and lotions which promise to halt time itself, your bathroom is your oasis, your retreat, and often somewhere in desperate need of a little TLC itself. Read our advice for sprucing up your bathroom for a real cleansing experience.


Draw the curtains and shut out the world – your bedroom is your sanctuary, your escape, and your opportunity to indulge yourself in your passions and preferences. Discover how to transform your bedroom into a boudoir to be proud of.

Dining Room

The dining room may be the place where you have tea with your kids before helping them with your homework, having a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner, or entertaining a dozen guests for Christmas. Read our tips for some great advice on getting the very best dining room furniture to see you through the seasons.

Electrical & Appliances

From the toaster to the washing machine, from the kitchen to the shed, where would we be without our wide range of electrical tools, gadgets and appliances? Check out our tips and advice on making the right choices for your home.

Garden & Conservatory

Whether for relaxing, entertaining, or for letting the kids run wild, a garden or conservatory is an important part of your home. From garden chairs to conservatory tables, from lighting to rugs, discover our top tips for furniture and accessories for the garden or conservatory.

Home & Leisure

From humidifiers to ironing boards, the range of products needed for the home is enormous – it can be difficult to know where to start. Check out our tips and advice on making the right choices, whatever your needs.


A kitchen used to be simply somewhere food was prepared and cooked, but today our kitchens are dynamic environments, used for storing, preparing and cooking food, as well as dining, entertaining and even helping the kids with their homework. Check out our top tips for creating your perfect kitchen, from cupboards and freezers to the kitchen sink.

Living Room

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the house, and also one of the most seen by your guests and visitors. It’s important to get the balance right between comfort and functionality, so check out our tips and advice on how to create the ideal living room.

Simply Luxuries

We all need a little luxury in our home, whether it’s special, moody lighting, a reclining chair that’s perfect for reading your favourite book, or a velvet sofa that never wants to let you go – we have plenty of ideas, top tips and recommendations. Go on, you know you deserve it!

TV Heaven

If you love your TV, then you’ll appreciate that good TV and media units make a huge difference, along with DVD storage cabinets and TV stands. Read on to discover our top tips for creating your own entertainment heaven.